There's Flooding In Brampton & It's So Bad One Neighbourhood Is Getting Evacuated (PHOTOS)

No injuries have been reported.

Toronto Associate Editor
There's Flooding In Brampton & It's So Bad One Neighbourhood Is Getting Evacuated (PHOTOS)

There is some terrible flooding in Brampton, and residents in these areas are being asked to leave their homes and evacuate.

In a news release posted on February 17, the City of Brampton said officials are in Churchville to handle the flood and to safely evacuate everyone. Areas of Churchville Road, Martins Boulevard, Church Street, Victoria Street, Adelaide Street, and some select areas of Creditview Road are being evacuated.

"While the majority of residents have already been evacuated from this area, this evacuation requirement will remain in place over night and reassessed tomorrow," city officials wrote, adding they are working alongside Brampton Fire and Emergency Services, Peel Regional Police, the Brampton Emergency Management Office, and other municipal teams to handle the situation.

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown shared on Twitter that no injuries have been reported so far, for both the residents in the area as well as the responding emergency teams.

"If you need help getting any medication, any critical life needs, please let us know, we have our fire team here. We're going door-to-door to check on people, if you don't need to be in the area, please don't be here at this time," Brampton Fire Chief Bill Boyes said in a video alongside Brown.

On Friday, February 18, Brown shared that the cause of the flooding looks like it's from "ice damming" at the elbow in the river just south of a bridge in the area.

A dispatcher for Brampton Fire told Narcity that an update will be provided later in the afternoon.

This is a developing story. Check back for more details.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor
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