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If your Sundays have been filled with yet another HBO series, you're not alone, especially if it's been Succession’s latest season.

Did you know the fictional Roy family media tycoons and their lavish New York City lives were actually filmed at locations in the city, including Kendall's luxurious Upper East Side penthouse? The latter is currently for sale, and the interior is simply stunning.

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Buying a house is such a big step in the new owner’s life. If considering acquiring a property in cheaper markets like Iowa or even Texas can sometimes feel expensive, buying a home in places like New York City might seem impossible and totally out of reach.

The average listing home price in New York is $745,000, according to data from Realtor.

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New York apartments for rent are a dime a dozen, but to find an affordable monthly price point with a nice livable space is like searching for a needle in a haystack. So much so, many residents have been moving to Florida.

One realtor in the city recorded on TikTok a tiny rental he found and shocked the Internet. In fact, viewers flooded the comments trying to make sense of the size vs. fees and they just couldn't believe NY has "the audacity".

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