So Many People Moved To Florida From New York And California & Here's Why

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Florida Associate Editor
A South Florida neighborhood. Right: Times Square in New York.

A South Florida neighborhood. Right: Times Square in New York.

It's not out of the ordinary to see people moving to Florida. Let's be honest, the real estate market is out of control, and it's so hard to even find a simple rental for a year because the area is just so saturated.

A lot of the migration is coming out of two popular U.S. states — New York and California.

NY seems to be expected, as it's pretty much a stereotype that Florida is a Yankee state, however, California boasts similar weather to the sunny skies and gorgeous beaches, so the latter could be a bit shocking to some.


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Rental prices have gone up more than 58% in the Sunshine State, than anywhere else right now, but with the price tag on New York and California's real estate means the East Coast South might still be "cheaper".

According to Florida Realtors, an attractive appeal to living in Florida is that there is no state income tax and the property taxes aren't as high.

A local news station in New York reported that residents were flocking down South because of COVID-19 and there were more things to do outside than staying inside because of the weather.


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The city that saw the highest growth rates was Ocala, FL. Florida Realtors said for every 596 people who moved to the area only 100 left there.

Many reports say that the most popular counties New Yorkers and Californians moved to are Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade — all of them being Southeast areas.

Florida Atlantic University did a study that these areas are paying an average of $2,832 in rent. According to World Population Review, the Zillow median rent average for Florida is $2,575. For California, it's $3,000 and for New York is $3,400.

It might make a little more sense why they're migrating this way!

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
Jenna Kelley was an Associate Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on trends and celebrities in Florida and is based in Miami-Fort Lauderdale in Florida.