A New Yorker Lasted Just 5 Months Living In Florida & He's Getting Roasted On His TikTok

If you moved to FL from NY, you're probably getting dragged, too.

The New Yorker explaining why he's leaving Florida. Right: All of the New Yorker's things packed up.
Florida Associate Editor

The New Yorker explaining why he's leaving Florida. Right: All of the New Yorker's things packed up.

Florida has become extremely saturated with people from New York, however one TikTok creator is actually moving back to The Big Apple because he can't stand it.

It's barely been five months and he's ready to leave the Sunshine State as he misses his staple NY favorites, like, as he says, "good pizza".

People on TikTok, mainly those who live in Florida, dragged movers from the northern state, and if you came here from California, you were also roasted in @shaolinsfunnyguy_'s comment section.

The TikToker showed in the video that he's all packed up with the caption "Going back to NYC from FL 🌴✈️," and humorously tells his viewers the reason why he wants to leave.

"Florida, you don't charge me enough in taxes, you treat me too good down here," he joked. "You don't have Chinese food. I haven't had a good pizza in five months. Who am I kidding? Your weather's too beautiful."


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He continued to say the water is too clear and he wants "dirty oceans and pollution," so he's going back home. The video got over 253,500,000 views and those who saw it not only were in support of his decision but practically kicked him out of the state.

One woman said, "you seem nice, but really hope this starts a trend!! We want our state and housing prices back!"

Many viewers begged him to take everyone that moved to FL from NY back with him... and that's not the only state.

"Take the Californians with you! You have our support!!!" One of his followers commented on another post about his decision to move.


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Some people even joked that they were afraid he might stay and wished him well on his move.

While the comment section was hilarious, this creator said he is ready to get away from the heat and humidity at all costs. His descriptions of both states make people laugh and hopefully he'll continue to do so in his next chapter back in his home state.

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Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
Jenna Kelley was an Associate Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on trends and celebrities in Florida and is based in Miami-Fort Lauderdale in Florida.