Kendall’s 'Succession' Penthouse Is For Sale & It’s More Luxurious Than It Looks On TV (PHOTOS)

It has a price tag to match!

Kendall and Shiv Roy in HBO's "Succession." Right: The interior of Kendall's penthouse.
Texas Staff Writer

Kendall and Shiv Roy in HBO's "Succession." Right: The interior of Kendall's penthouse.

If your Sundays have been filled with yet another HBO series, you're not alone, especially if it's been Succession’s latest season.

Did you know the fictional Roy family media tycoons and their lavish New York City lives were actually filmed at locations in the city, including Kendall's luxurious Upper East Side penthouse? The latter is currently for sale, and the interior is simply stunning.

At the very top of 180 East 88th Street in Manhattan's charming Carnegie Hill neighborhood stands the iconic 5508-square-foot penthouse you would recognize as Kendall's spot from Season 3.

With a show as opulent as Succession, it makes sense that the condo has a hefty $29 million price tag to match. Now, we get most people aren't like the Roys who could buy this pricey 5-bedroom penthouse willy-nilly, but where's the harm in a little daydreaming?

Kendall's penthouse is "the highest elevation north of 72nd Street on the UES," according to the listing, with sweeping views of the surrounding Big Apple you can gaze at from the large outdoor patio or the huge floor-to-ceiling windows.

There's much offered in this three-level "open plan," including two different living room spaces, an impressive 2,100-square-foot roof terrace, a wet bar, an eat-in kitchen, and a spacious dining room area. You'll be surrounded by arched windows the entire time!

"We wanted to take advantage of those views and that 360-degree openness," Joe McMillan, the building developer, told CNBC Make It. "You’re so high up that your views are unprecedented, but it’s also very private because there’s no one nearby that can look in."

It's truly a millionaire's dream with bathrooms that have heated floors and rooms with giant walk-in closets.

The penthouse that proudly sits 467 feet atop the 180 East 88th Street building was developed back in 2019, so there's an overall sleek, modern feel to the entire spot.

Even though the $29 million to own a piece of Succession history might be out of your reach, it can be fun to dream about living like Kendall Roy…perhaps, minus the shady misbehaving and all.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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