Vancouver is warming up for a massive anti-racism protest on Friday afternoon. The protest will be starting at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June 5, and is expected to bring out thousands of people to Olympic Cauldron in downtown Vancouver. But the organizer of the Vancouver protest is urging people not to march but just gather in peace. 

Jacob Callendar-Prasad, protest organizer, told his followers on his Instagram why he decided to ban marching at the upcoming protest. 

"I would love for us to march but I cannot guarantee the safety of the protestors if we march," he said. 

Callendar-Prasad goes to say, "Your safety is the top priority." He added that if people march, he cannot guarantee that "a riot will not happen." 

The organizer stated, "We've seen across the world that protests have led to riots."

He did note that Vancouver protests have remained peaceful. "And I want to continue to have that," he stated. 

Callendar-Prasad also mentioned how Nordstorm stores have been boarded up "all across the world right now because they're scared of riots." 

Therefore, he wants to show the world that a peaceful protest is the best way. 

"I really want you guys to be safe and I find it easier to contain everybody and keep it more safe if we're all in one spot and we don't have to walk around," said the organizer. 

"It was a hard call to make," admitted Callendar-Prasad. "I would love for us to march again. I would love for us to do that but we're not ready for it." 

An organization called Black Vancouver that's also been in touch with Callendar-Prasad in arranging the protest shared some tips on what protesters should do when they show up. 

They said that everyone is advised to wear masks and gloves, and should maintain a distance of two meters from one another. "Practice social distancing," the caption read. 

They also told the protesters to make signs out of old stuff like cardboard boxes. "Wear dark tag less/ anonymous clothes," was another instruction shared in the post

Global News reported that thousands of protesters are expected to show up at the gathering at the Olympic Cauldron. 

Black Lives Matter Vancouver are not the organizers of the event but have given their public support on their Instagram.  

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