Police are asking for help in catching the perpetrator of a recent Toronto sexual assault in which a man sexually and physically assaulted a woman, as well as attempting to blackmail her.

UPDATE: The suspect, 23-year old Seth Ramanand of Burlington, Ontario, turned himself in to police on Tuesday night.

EARLIER: He was accused of assaulting a woman known to him near the Sentinel Road and The Pond Road area, close to York University.

A police release suggests he first threatened to give out the woman's private information unless she paid him money, before physically and sexually assaulting her.

The man threatened to release private information unless she paid him money.

Toronto Police Service

Ramanand is wanted for two counts of Extortion, one count of Assault, two counts of Sexual Assault, two counts of Overcome Resistance by Choking, and one count of Mischief Under $5000.

Toronto Police have issued a description of the suspect, as well as photos. He is said to be 5 foot 6 inches and 140 pounds, with short black hair, and brown eyes. He has multiple tattoos, including one of a rose on his shoulder.

He also may be driving a 2020 black Jaguar F-Pace SUV with the licence plate BZFN 807. Toronto Police are asking anyone with potential information to contact them immediately.

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