You might want to give your garden some extra water this week. According to The Weather Network, temperatures are expected to soar throughout the rest of the month. Ontario's weather forecast is expected to be so dry that there is even an elevated risk of wildfires. 

As we head into July, the province can expect to see temperatures feeling like over 30 C. 

According to The Weather Network, the muggy, hot air that we've been experiencing will bring an elevated risk of thunderstorms in eastern Ontario this Monday.

However, that may be the last bit of rain we see for some time.

According to The Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham, rain will become rare as we move into July.

Crops and gardens will be parched due to the high temperatures, so make sure to give your plants a little extra love and attention to get them through this scorcher of a week. 

"The hot weather will continue through the first weekend of July and into the following week. There will also be very little potential for rain, so our region will become very dry once again," says Gillham.

Due to these dry temperatures, there is even an elevated risk of wildfires.

"Temperatures ramping up for the rest of the week and beyond the following weekend -- elevating wildfire risk and leaving crops and gardens parched," reads a statement from TWN. 

Canada Day will be 27 C in Toronto, but you might want to pack some extra water if you're heading out because it can feel like 33 C throughout the day.

Similar hot temperatures will be felt throughout the region. 

Heat warnings have been pouring in for southern Ontario over the past week.


Toronto's air quality was even considered dangerous last week because of the hot conditions.

Due to the scorching temperatures, it brought high-risk, "deteriorating air quality", according to Environment Canada.

Grab your sunscreen, because summer 2020 is only getting started.

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