Snakes on a plane? More like a snake in a shed. A local homeowner was greeted by an unwelcome guest when they opened the door to their shed last week. The resident came face to face with a Toronto carpet python.

A video of the incident, taken by Gates Wildlife Control, was shared with Narcity.

In the footage, the snake can be seen lying on top of two broomsticks inside the shed. Miraculously, everyone in the clips stays exceptionally calm during the rescue mission.

Even the snake seems pretty relaxed about the whole thing. 

At the moment, it's unclear how the friendly reptile ended up in the shed.

However, it is speculated that the animal might've been an escaped pet.

"Last week Gates Wildlife Control responded to an emergency call regarding a large snake inside a homeowner shed," Gates Wildlife Control told Narcity.

"Our customer sent us a photo, and we knew we had to respond immediately as this snake should not be wandering the neighbourhoods of Toronto." 

"Gates Wildlife Vice President Peter and Gates Wildlife Field Supervisor Joel arrived on site shortly after the call."

"Joel states that the snake is not a native species but likely someone's pet that had escaped its enclosure and somehow managed to get outside," the statement added.

The snake was later identified as a Carpet Python, a species native to areas such as Australia and New Guinea.

The serpent's name originates from the marking found on its scales, which resemble oriental carpet patterns.

Gates Wildlife Control states that Carpet Pythons live in trees, a fact that the organization says explains why it chose to hide on the brooms opposed to the shed's ground level.

The bizarre incident is surprisingly not that isolated for Toronto.

Last year, a giant python was found slithering around an Esso gas station.

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