Makeup lovers rejoice! NYX Canada just announced that it will be back in physical stores thanks to its new partnership with Walmart. 

That's right, the cosmetics chain is making a major comeback in 205 Walmarts across Canada, according to the company's news release

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This comes after NYX announced they were closing down all of their Canadian locations back in 2020.  

The company, which first opened its doors in 2015, had only 10 stores left in Canada last year. 

These stores were located in Ottawa, London, Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area.

In a statement, the company said it has always been their mission to provide accessible makeup to customers, and because of that, they are happy to have Walmart join them in that quest. 

"NYX Professional Makeup is thrilled to expand into Walmart Canada," Keon Zhang, general manager of NYX Professional Makeup at L'Oreal said. "We are eager to provide a unique experience for our customers."

NYX is far from the only store in Canada that has shut down locations fairly recently.

In fact, Bed Bath & Beyond, Guess, Le Chateau, Kiehl's and Godiva have all been forced to close some, if not all, of their stores.  

So it's nice to see one company getting back on its feet!