It looks like someone in the province has an appetite worthy of Garfield himself. 

A customer tried to order $500K worth of Ontario GarfieldEATS lasagna last week.

The online order included 30,000 frozen Big Cow Lasagnas and 156 themed masks, which came to a total of over $500,000.

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49,604 lb The amount the lasagna delivery would weigh

The customer's personal information, including the address and phone number, were all legit, but the order did not end up going through.

"When I first saw it, I said, 'it's impossible,'" Nathen Mazri, founder and creator of GarfieldEATS, told Narcity.

He believes the order could have been a prank from an "overzealous" customer.

"At the end of the day, I think it was a prank by a loyal Garfield fan," he said. "Whether it's positive or negative, they just want the attention."

The establishment, which is dedicated to everyone's favourite orange feline, shifted to an online platform in November that sells food and merchandise.