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Parts Of Ontario Are Getting Sizzling 27 C Heat This Weekend

Get ready to bust out your summer wardrobe! 🥵

It's shaping up to be a summery weekend as Ontario's weather climbs back into the above-seasonal territory. 

After what's set to be a soggy Friday, Saturday will usher in a surge of "June-like" temperatures, says The Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham.

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Along with sunny skies, Kitchener and Guelph experience a high of 24 C on Saturday, feeling like 26 C with humidity, and 25 C in Niagara. 

The Barrie region will get a taste of early summer with a high of 25 C, which will feel like 27 C, but Gillham says to expect cooler daytime highs around Lake Ontario.

Toronto, on the other hand, will only reach about 20 C with humidity on Saturday, but temperatures will stay in the low to mid-teens throughout the entire week. 

Willie Nelson Is Calling On Joe Biden To Make '4/20' An Official Holiday

He actually wants the holiday to span 9 days. 🤯🎸

Willie Nelson is calling on President Joe Biden to make "4/20" — a day many use to celebrate the consumption of marijuana — an official national holiday.

Nelson, in collaboration with his Luck Reunion team, launched a petition to help declare the nine days spanning April 20-29 the official "High Holidays," with the last day of celebration falling on the country music star's birthday.

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Here's What Cherry Blossom Season In High Park Will Be Like This Year

Peak bloom is expected to happen mid to late April.

With High Park's cherry blossom season just around the corner, the City of Toronto has revealed that things will look a little different this year. 

In a press conference on Wednesday, Mayor John Tory stated that while the park will remain open, residents will be prevented from gathering to view the blooms. 

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There are signs of spring everywhere you look these days, and Toronto's cherry blossoms are starting to show their petals earlier than normal.

Sakura trees are in bloom all over the city, from the streets of Corso Italia to Mount Pleasant cemetery. 

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The summer forecast for 2021 in Canada has dropped and there's going to be heat across the country during the season with some provinces enjoying "sizzling" and "sweltering" warmth.

The Farmers' Almanac released its projections for the upcoming season and it looks like there will be stormy weather but really hot temperatures.

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