Even as an adult, there's something about the zoo that inspires a little bit of happiness. Maybe it's that sweet, sweet nostalgia that washes over you as you hang out at your fave exhibit or maybe it's as simple as the animals being so stinkin' cute that you can't help but grin. Whatever the reason, these photos of animals from the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne Florida will give you another reason to smile this National Wildlife Day.

Started by animal behaviorist Colleen Paige in 2005 and celebrated twice a year on February 22 and September 4, National Wildlife Day seeks to bring awareness to endangered animals around the world, as well as give kudos to zoos and sanctuaries for all their hard work preserving wildlife and educating the public.

So why not celebrate the holiday and the work zoos do with some super cute photos of smiling babies from one such zoo in Florida?

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The more than 880 different animals that call the Brevard Zoo home range from common Florida residents like gators and alpacas to the more exotic friends of monkeys, giraffes, and big cats. There's a special dose of cuteness for every kind of wildlife lover there.

If you've been needing something to help pull you out of a funk, get ready to fall in love with the grins of these seven adorable animals smiling at the Brevard Zoo.

Teeny Tiny Antelope

Recently born at the zoo on August 23, this pint-sized Klinpspring calf reportedly weighed only 1.5 pounds at birth. The video posted to Brevard Zoo's Instagram captures so many moments where it looks like this little baby has a permanent smirk plastered on his face.

A Happy Little Meerkat

This little guy decided they'd set up on their hind legs and pose for a quick snap, grinning ear to ear. According to the caption on Brevard Zoo's post, meerkat's like this one use long and sharp claws to dig burrows.

Grinning Giraffes

Back on April 2, the zoo posted the cutest video of Johari and her baby. While mama was looking happy to be with her calf at last, the straight-on view of the smirk seen on baby's face will be what ultimately ends up giving you a serious case of the AWWEs!

Even a "Radish" Can Smile

"Even the Goats Celebrate"

You may have heard of or maybe even used the #tongueouttuesday hashtag yourself, now, so does the animal kingdom, just like this little billy did at the Brevard Zoo.

Sleepy Smiles

Who doesn't love a good tongue "blep?" Especially when it's coming out of a face as adorable as this sleepy sloth's! According to the caption, this tired babe might just have a serious case of the Mondays.

Happy Hump Day

Next time Wednesday comes around and you're starting to feel yourself hit a wall, pull up this photo of a big camel grin to get you through.

Happy National Wildlife Day — hopefully this string of smiles brought a sliver of joy to your Labor Day Weekend!

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes.