Triple Digits Temps & Wild Rip Currents Will Make Cooling Off In Florida Hard This Week

Really, Mother Nature?
Central Florida Weather Will Feel Like Triple Digit Heat With Wild Rip Currents This Week

Every year, it seems like Florida summers get hotter and hotter. Or at the very least, it might feel that way. The Sunshine State is no stranger to 90-degree temps, but today, Central Florida’s weather is setting up to feel like it's in the triple digits. And while Floridians would usually escape to their favorite beaches to cool off, this week is forecasted to see wild rip currents around the entire state.

The National Weather Service warns several counties across the Central Florida area of excessive heat waves today.

While temperatures are forecast to sit steadily in the mid-to-high 90s, the humidity and heat index will make it feel like anywhere between 100 and 107 degrees F — comparable to the temps you'd see in one of the hottest places in America, California'sDeath Valley.

Meteorologist Kristin Giannas from FOX 35 reported that the sweltering heat index wouldn’t budge even in the shade, reminding viewers to stay hydrated. Giannas also reported the day is expected to remain dry with only a 30% chance of rain.

If you were hoping to run away to your favorite sandy beach shores to escape the heat, you may need to think again.

The National Weather Service has also warned of dangerous rip currents rocking the entire east coast today.

While the life-threatening currents are expected to stick around all week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) warns that the greatest risk for rip currents is from sunrise through 12:30 p.m., and again after 6:30 p.m.

If you still plan to take to the seas to cool off, the NOAA recommends always swimming in sight of a lifeguard while also following social distancing guidelines.

Things may be getting a little cooler as the week goes on, with more moisture and isolated storms predicted to increase throughout the week, which could bring some more temperate weather to the Sunshine State.

The "Godzilla-sized" Saharan dust cloud is also still hanging out in Florida, creating hazy conditions in some areas as well as bringing beautiful sunsets in the evening.

The isolated storms could cause small hail, dangerous lightning, and downpours in some areas, which could also wash away the Saharan dust.

Florida's weather can sometimes change on a dime; it never hurts to be prepared with your hurricane list at the ready and keeping yourself on top of the weather updates!

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