Florida Politician Rips 'Angry Mask Nazi Zombies' Invading The State

Have you seen them?
Florida Mask Mandate Supporters Criticized By State Rep Calling Them 'Mask Nazi Zombies'

In lieu of a statewide mask order, many Florida counties have enacted their own mask mandates. While some support the orders, many also believe that wearing a mask should be a choice—including Florida State Representative, Anthony Sabatini, who warned the public on Twitter to “beware of angry mask Nazi zombies.”

The tweet was made late Tuesday night and was met with a drove of agreeing Twitter users who shared their mask mandate "angry zombie" moments when declining to wear one in public, including one commenter who said a McD's employee in Texas offered them a used mask and refused service.

Beware of angry MASK NAZI ZOMBIES—they are everywhere!

Rep. Anthony Sabatini

Sabatini has posted several other recent tweets calling for the reopening of Florida bars and questioning the amount of time it's taken to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Sabatini also pointed out discrepancies with COVID-19 cases reported in the media, an issue which had Orlando Health trending on Twitter all day yesterday.

Other state representatives have shared the opposite sentiment, like Shevrin Jones, who begged Governor DeSantis on Twitter to make a statewide mask mandate after contracting COVID-19 himself.

Via State Rep Anthony Sabatini

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