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You Can Get Gigantic Pizzas Bigger Than You've Ever Seen At This Spot In Orlando

It's so big they had to have a custom box made just to fit it! 🍕

There's nothing quite like a New York Style pizza. Thin and juicy, covered in cheese and toppings, it's no wonder we are left always wanting more.  Kings Pizza in Orlando, however, has taken the New York slice to a gigantic level that'll definitely be enough to fulfill your cravings.

The pizzeria sits on an older stretch of Orlando's famed International Drive, and it may not look like much from the outside. But hidden on the inside lies a pizza lover's dream world.

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When you look at their lineup of pizzas, it looks just like any of the numerous New York Style pizzerias that dot Orlando's pizza landscape. That's when your eyes and your appetite will be in for a pleasant surprise: the 24-inch pizza.

It's a whopping six inches larger than their extra-large, and it's a challenge to eat it in one sitting.

It's so large that Kings had to have a custom pizza box just for the gigantic 'za.

Almost the entire menu is available in these "King Sized" proportions. 

However, there may not be a better fit for a king or queen quite like the NY Kings Pizza, which is loaded with all of the toppings.

Kings might be a "hidden gem" but it still manages to carve out a spot among the many, many restaurants on Orlando's famed tourist street

So it is quite apt that you bring your appetite when you come here because once you're finished you might be full for the rest of the week, with leftovers to spare.

Kings Pizza 

Price: 💸💸

Address: 6550 International Dr., Orlando, FL 

Why You Should Visit: This hidden gem on Orlando's famed tourist strip has taken the New York Style pizza to gigantic proportions.