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A man in Florida can rest easy for holiday spending, as he's officially a big lottery winner. On November 23, Jerry Norasing claimed the money from a scratch-off game after winning $5 million dollars.

The ticket was GOLD RUSH LIMITED, which is only $20 to purchase. He got it at the RaceTrac on 3201 South Highway 27 in Clermont Florida, which is in the Orlando area.

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National Park Service (NPS) is seeking applicants to fill the job of project manager at one of Florida's most breathtaking beaches.

Canaveral National Seashore is a gorgeous barrier island with almost 58,000 acres of rugged, natural beauty ready to be explored. The 24 miles of coastline is home to lots of precious wildlife.

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Universal Studios is not cheap, and a family from the United Kingdom felt the financial impact along with the ticket cost. Miranda Pearce, a mom of two, posted to TikTok what she spent in a day at the Orlando park, and her audience wasn't that shocked.

For four people, they spent $1,113.40 including tickets, fast passes and parking. Canadians, specifically, sounded off in her comment section and basically said she got off easy.

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You can win easy money just by investing some of your time at Universal Studios and watching a television pilot.

A woman on Tiktok, with the handle @thatlocaltourist, shared her experience on the social media app and won $40 in Universal gift cards.

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Orlando, FL is home to some of the best theme parks in the nation. From the dreamy streets of Disney World's Magic Kingdom to stepping into Harry Potter World's enchanted and thrilling universe, the city has an adventure for every fun-loving visitor.

But even "The Happiest Place On Earth" can feel happier, knowing you saved some serious cash on tickets.

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