A UK Family Spent Over $1K In A Day At Universal In Orlando & Canadians Aren't Surprised

They shared the enormous bill on TikTok.

Universal Citywalk outside entrance in Orlando, Florida.
Florida Associate Editor

Universal Citywalk outside entrance in Orlando, Florida.

Universal Studios is not cheap, and a family from the United Kingdom felt the financial impact along with the ticket cost. Miranda Pearce, a mom of two, posted to TikTok what she spent in a day at the Orlando park, and her audience wasn't that shocked.

For four people, they spent $1,113.40 including tickets, fast passes and parking. Canadians, specifically, sounded off in her comment section and basically said she got off easy.

"I live in Canada and looking at this I feel like we are overcharged. Four people and all that we would have paid more at canadas (sic) wonderland," one man wrote to the creator.

The spendings listed in the U.K. woman's TikTok video.The spendings listed in the U.K. woman's TikTok video.mirandapearcemindset | TikTok

Others were hung up on how much she spent on food alone. Her highest meal ticket to feed her family was during lunch, at $62.79.

"Food is really cheap in the States compared to Canada," one user replied to her comment after she thanked her audience for the money-saving tips.

There was also a focus on her breakfast at Wendy's, where she spent just over $20. An Ontario resident in the comment sections said it would have been easily been $40 for four meals where he lives.

Aside from Canadians, many people told her where she went wrong, like $396 fast passes, or the $19.16 refillable cup.


That's not even including tips 😳💲 #universalstudiosflorida #familydaysout #florida #vacationcosts #medicalaesthetics

"Seems normal to me 4 people so around $300 per person for a full day including the upgraded fast passes and meals...pretty normal for top theme park," someone commented and others replied in agreement.

A lot of viewers suggested she should have bought her tickets in the U.K. for a cheaper price and longer stay.

While many were stuck on money tips there was also a whole community that empowered her and told her the memories were priceless.

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