A Tampa Man Just Won $1M In The Florida Lottery & Here Are Your Odds For An Instant Win

The Powerball is at $1.2 billion right now.

Someone in line to get tickets for the lottery.
Florida Associate Editor

Someone in line to get tickets for the lottery.

A man in Tampa, FL didn't wait for the Powerball. In fact, he got an instant win of $1 million by playing the Florida lottery on a scratch-off that is worth $50.

The winner, Ramon Diaz Moreno, purchased a 500X THE CASH from the Town & Country Beverage, a local convenience store located on Ambassador Drive, the Florida lottery reported Tuesday.

Not only is Diaz Moreno a winner, but also the retailer. For selling him the ticket, the lottery gives the seller a lump sum of $2,000 as a bonus commission.

The overall odds to win something for this specific ticket is 1-in-4.5.

What is the most winning scratch-off ticket in Florida?

This particular scratch-off that Diaz Moreno played has the highest winnings.

The 500X THE CASH has a prize amount of $25,000,000. There are only two total prizes, and, upon publication of this article, there is one left waiting to be purchased, scratched and claimed. The odds of this pize on the ticket is 1-in-21,419,145.

How do you claim lottery winnings in Florida?

With prizes $600 and higher, you need to go to a district office or Headquarters.

Prizes of $1 million or above with an annual payment option — for example, winning $1,000 annually for life — must be claimed at the Florida Lottery Headquarters only.

Non-annual payment options can be claimed at district offices.

Diaz Moreno claimed his prize in cash, so, after taxes, he received $820,000.

What are the chances of winning Florida Lottery scratch-off?

While each game has different odds, the 500X THE CASH has overall odds of 1-in-4.5 tickets to win a prize. As for the $1 million prize, it's 1-in-267,739.

There are still 65 tickets with $1 million dollars to win there for this specific lottery. 95 prizes of this amount have already been paid.

The smaller the prize, the better the odds and your chances of winning.

For non-scratch-offs, the current Powerball prize has reached $1.2 billion. The drawing is tonight.

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Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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