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A Florida woman shared on TikTok what she makes as a topless maid in one day. She gives a percentage to her security guard, who waits for her outside each location, and people say with his earnings alone, he has a way better gig.

The creator (@sincerely__sammi69), who lives in the Tampa area, charges $300/hour and gives her security 35% of that total.

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Christmas came early for a man in Florida who spent a rather profitable $30 on a scratch-off game bought in the Tampa area. He became a big lottery winner, scratching $15 million on the 300X THE CASH ticket.

The 42-year-old is Ryan Doddridge and he's the trustee of the Doddridge Law Winners Revocable Trust. He chose the option to receive a one-time lump sum payment, rather than getting the money in small increments over time.

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A man in Tampa, FL didn't wait for the Powerball. In fact, he got an instant win of $1 million by playing the Florida lottery on a scratch-off that is worth $50.

The winner, Ramon Diaz Moreno, purchased a 500X THE CASH from the Town & Country Beverage, a local convenience store located on Ambassador Drive, the Florida lottery reported Tuesday.

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A Tampa area restaurant, The Living Room, is crunching numbers and now its wait staff is getting paid $1/hour. Founder of the hospitality company, the Feinstein Group, Zachary Feinstein, calls it a commission-based model.

Inflation is real, and food establishments are feeling the impact. It's affecting everyone from receipt changes, to customer experience and now server paychecks.

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Former NFL player Antonio Brown, who played for various teams including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has made a lot of money through the years. However, he could have an even higher net worth if it hadn't been for a massive number of costly controversies.

Celebrity Net Worth last reported that Brown was worth roughly $20 million from his two-decade-plus career in football.

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