A Florida Hooters Girl Shares The Wildest Things That Happen At Work & How Much She Makes

"When he offers you $30,000 for your worn tights."

Leah Fennelly at the Hooters pageant. RIght: Leah Fennelly at Hooters.
Florida Associate Editor

Leah Fennelly at the Hooters pageant. RIght: Leah Fennelly at Hooters.

A server who works at Hooters has gained 169.8K followers on TikTok for sharing her journey at the restaurant chain in Florida.

The Hooters girl, the official name given by the company to their employees, posts videos that gain millions of views from how much she makes in a shift to Hooters competitions and even wild stories on the job.

In July, the content creator named Leah Fennelly wrote to her audience that she's been there for six years and is now shooting commercials as well as the calendar...so she's been in various situations during her career. Many of which, she makes her content about.

One of the first videos she made was about married men asking for her number. That video reached 1.2 million views since it was posted last year.

Since then, the law student has been sharing this kind of content, including one clip about the famous Hooters uniforms. The restaurant is known to have their workers wear a classic risqué outfit, which typically includes white sneakers, tights, tight orange shorts and the white hooters shirt or tank top with the logo across the chest.

Her patrons appear to take notice, as one TikTok, posted on July 20, garnered 30.4K views with a caption that says, "when he offers you $30,000 for your worn tights."


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One day later, she revealed on the app that she got paid $100 just to talk to a customer.

Fennelly is no stranger to these kinds of tips, as one TikTok she published in March about the amount she made in one shift received 15.9 million views.

One customer gave the Floridian $100 on CashApp for just sitting at her table too long, and she walked away with $282 in cash making a total of $382 in a lunch shift. For reference, during her eight hours of work, she made nearly $48 an hour.


See the total at the end 💸 #hooters #serverlife #hootersgirl #workwithme

Many people swarmed her comment section asking how they distribute credit card tips and how much she gets paid on her checks.

"Genuine question, in America do waitresses/waiters split tips evenly between everyone working or do you keep everything you make?," one user from the U.K. asked.

Someone else replied that it varies due to the establishment and though Fennelly didn't answer for her specific location, she did make note that a Hall of Fame baseball player came into the venue that day and only tipped her $7.

The creator continues to work at Hooters and recently posted the uniform they had to wear on Labor Day.

Leah Fennelly didn't immediately respond to Narcity's request for comment on her TikTok popularity.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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