A Florida Man Won $5M From A Cheap Scratch Off & Here's How Much He Actually Keeps

The retailer also gets a hefty payout. 💰

A scratch-off game. Right: A RaceTrac gas station.
Florida Associate Editor

A scratch-off game. Right: A RaceTrac gas station.

A man in Florida can rest easy for holiday spending, as he's officially a big lottery winner. On November 23, Jerry Norasing claimed the money from a scratch-off game after winning $5 million dollars.

The ticket was GOLD RUSH LIMITED, which is only $20 to purchase. He got it at the RaceTrac on 3201 South Highway 27 in Clermont Florida, which is in the Orlando area.

At just 37 years old, he is now a multi-millionaire, though he doesn't get to keep all of the $5 million awarded to him.

He went to the Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee and chose to receive his reward as a one-time payment. In doing so, the money is taxed, and he walks away with $3,960,000.

Anyone who wins over $600 has to go to a district office or Headquarters in order to formally get their prize.

The winning ticket.The winning ticket.Florida Lottery Communications

Not only does Norasing get a hefty wad of cash, but so does the retailer who sold it to him. For the win, the store employee will receive a $10,000 bonus commission.

According to the Florida Lottery, this particular scratch-off launched in September 2021. There are currently 17 out of 32 top prizes, such as Norasing's, remaining. There are also 49 out of 100 tickets left with a $1 million prize.

Overall, the odds of winning a prize on this instant win lottery game is 1-in-2.65.

The Orlando man and RaceTrac employees just received a nice little cushion just before some well-deserved holiday spending.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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