A Topless Maid Revealed How Much She Makes & People Say Her Security Guard Has The Better Job

He gets a large cut of her earnings. 💸

Florida Associate Editor
A woman holding a stack of cash. Right: A woman in a maid's outfit.

A woman holding a stack of cash. Right: A woman in a maid's outfit.

A Florida woman shared on TikTok what she makes as a topless maid in one day. She gives a percentage to her security guard, who waits for her outside each location, and people say with his earnings alone, he has a way better gig.

The creator (@sincerely__sammi69), who lives in the Tampa area, charges $300/hour and gives her security 35% of that total.

She published the video on March 5, which received over 8 million views, and revealed that her earnings in a day were $2,230 for five hours. This number included tips. Per their agreement, she is supposed to give her security $780 but rounded it up to $800. She ends up walking away with $1,430.

Now, her followers are saying he's living his best life for what he makes by "sitting in his car."


And of course the good ol’ IRS gets a cut too 🥲 #fyp

"Wait so he made $800 and you made $1400? For him sitting outside waiting in case? Geez his job is a lot less effort," one person said.

People started to break down what the security guard actually makes by the hour.

"You’re telling me the security guard just made $160 dollars an hour for a 5-hour shift just sitting in his car," one account replied.

Many agree that his job seems to be more favorable and she's giving him too high of a percentage of the earnings. Some are even giving suggestions that she should make it a percentage of her tips only.


I might need some other helpers soon 🤭 #fyp

The Tampa woman said in a previous video on February 19 that she got into this line of work from a friend who does the same thing. She never heard of anyone who does it in her area, so she wanted to give it a try.

"I like cleaning, and I like being topless. So, I reached out to everyone on my other platform, and I was like 'hey if you're above the age of 18 and you want to get your house cleaned, DM me,'" she said.

At first, her inbox was quiet, with a few people curious about what she was doing. Then, she changed her marketing to "topless maid" and said her DMs "got flooded."

When she made that video, she said she booked 10 jobs that day alone, went to the store to get a maid's outfit and started working.

Narcity reached out to the creator and is awaiting a response.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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