Orlando's Halloween Bar Just Added Tiki Tuesdays & A Witch Doctor To Their Spooky Set

Isla Volcana will craft custom cocktails just for you based on your taste!
Orlando Halloween Bar Cocktails And Screams Adds Tiki Tuesdays Witch Doctor

Disney isn't the only one in Florida who can pull off a fun theme. When it comes to spooky, Orlando’s Halloween bar Cocktails & Screams is back in businesses and bringing the community more awesome stuff to celebrate. But their new Tiki Tuesdays are not your usual tropical-themed drink special night. There’s a new witch in town. She goes by the name Isla Volcana, and she’ll whip you up a custom potion that’ll have you under her spell.

Narcity spoke with owner Addie Morrone to get the lowdown on the new witch haunting The Craft witch bar inside of Cocktails & Screams.

Isla Volcana is played by Maria Roca who hails from Puerto Rico, which was a big inspiration for her Brujeria's witch doctor character aesthetic. It also inspired her to work with rums and other tropical flavors.

"She's a peaceful islander but also has a feisty side," Roca explained. "She's the embodiment of all islanders."

Tiki Tuesdays are the newest theme nights added to the already wickedly cool weekly schedule at Cocktails & Screams. They also have Addams Family Night, which of all days can only be on Wednesdays.

Their hidden witch bar, The Craft, is where you’ll find Isla Volcana and all her delicious cocktails. Running at $18 a pop, there’s no menu for these goodies because each one is completely custom made.

Isla Volcana will talk with you about your personal preferences and preferred flavor profile to craft a tropical potion just for you.

Their $9 tinctures, which are comparable to a shot, are made following the same custom craft method.

Special to Tiki Tuesday is also the house-made coconut-pineapple ice cream rum float running for $11. Ahhh, sounds like the kind of cocktail made for a sippable island escape.

Isla Volcana is the third witch in the coven to work at The Craft.

You’ll find Papa Lacroix whipping up New Orleans-style cocktails on Thursdays, as well as Sunday Brunch and Corven the Corrupt who puts modern spins on classic cocktails on Fridays and Saturdays.

You can stop in for a spell and grab a custom potion from Isla Volcana yourself on next week's Tiki Tuesday from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. at 39 W. Pine St. in Orlando.

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