Boys come and go, but good girlfriends are forever. Or the quote is something like that. Anyways, whatever the actual quote is, it's beyond true. There are two types of best friends: the ones you can go months without seeing but talk every single day, or the ones you spend every single minute of your life with.

Either way, you're family and there is nothing that can get between you. So celebrate your friendship or just stop watching so many reruns of Gossip Girl together and go out and live life! Take your BFF out on a date and show them how much they mean to you or join a class and spend even more time together. You'll have a blast, and you'll have these memories forever. So here are 14 super cute things to do with your BFF in Ottawa:

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1. Take a cooking class at The Urban Element

The Urban Element has an array of different cooking classes to choose from. You can pick and choose between Thai cooking classes, a hands on workshop about baking, and many other ethnic cooking classes. If you and your BFF live together and are terrible at cooking, this is a must for both of you ;)

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2. Gossip over a brunch board at NeXT

Sort of similar to a charcuterie board, this 'brunch board' is filled with options that you and your BFF will love. It comes with 15 different options and since you're used to sharing everything with each other, this is a perfect option!

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3. Try out a pole dancing class at Iron X Fitness

Best friends love to laugh together, and there is nothing funnier than seeing your BFF fail at something hilarious. So if you're both feeling like you need to try something new, sign up for a pole dancing class. It may be funny at first, but both of you will grow to love the workout and will get results as well!

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4. Go on a date at the NAC

Who says you can't go on a date with your BFF? There is always something happening at the National Arts Centre, and it's also a reason to get dressed up. Maybe you and your best friend would rather lay in bed all night and watch movies, but this is the perfect opportunity to experience something new.

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5. Shop for vintage items at the Stittsville Flea Market

Who doesn't love shopping for unique and vintage pieces? The Stittsville Flea Market has everything you could want and more, but also stuff you didn't know you needed. If you and your BFF are super into thrifting, this is the perfect place to go on a Sunday afternoon after brunch.

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6. Share your feelings over chocolate fondue at Cacao 70

Maybe your best friend just went through a breakup, or your both suffering from exam stress. Even if you don't have a reason to indulge in melted chocolate, there is no cuter date than one at Cacao 70. It comes with fruit, so it's somewhat healthy, right?

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7. Play board games and indulge in yummy treats at Hangout

Hangout is the perfect spot to well, hangout, if both of you are feeling lazy. You can play board games while eating treats and sipping on bubble tea. I'm sure the competitive side will come out in both of you but hey, if you're not competitive with each other, are you really best friends?

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8. Have an Instagram worthy photoshoot in The Glebe

If you don't offer to take 500 pictures of your best friend when she wants you to, are you really that close? The Glebe is the perfect spot to hang out for a day, and they have adorable wall murals that will make for a cool AF Instagram pic.

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9. Learn how to make pottery together at LOAM Clay Studio

If you're going to get frustrated around anyone, it's best that it's your BFF. Pottery can become a skill very quickly, however, you have to work hard at it also. It's so much fun to try and it will be an experience you can look back on and either laugh at or continue making amazing art with each other.

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10. Discover your favourite wine at Ottawa Tasting Tours

If you know your BFF is stressed out from school or work, take them on a wine tasting adventure. You'll get to try various wines and discover your favs, and it'll make both of you relax and forget about everything else.

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11. Treat yourselves to a unique mani-pedi at Lashes & Nails

Lashes & Nails offers chrome nails, which every girl secretly wants. Make a day out of it and spend it in the ByWard Market, and stop by Lashes & Nails to get that mani everyone will be asking you about. If you're looking to get fancy, you can also relax with a pedicure.

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12. Visit the adorable animals at the Ottawa Humane Society

There is no bond like the one you and your best friend have, except the one you have with kittens and puppies. If you're ever feeling upset, I highly recommend visiting the Ottawa Humane Society. They have rooms that you can play with cats for as long as you want, and I swear it's like free therapy. Take your best friend here if she's upset or if you're both just not having a good day. I promise it will turn both of your days around!

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13. Learn ballroom, salsa and latin dancing at Dance With Us Ottawa

You can drop in at any time and it's only $18, and you can both look back and laugh at how awful you probably were. Taking a dance class together builds a stronger bond, because you'd probably never let someone else see you dance as bad as you are. Leave your judgement at the door and just let loose together!

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14. Become bird whisperers at Jack Pine Trail

Another prime opportunity for a photoshoot, however this is much more adorable. If you're not absolutely terrified of birds like I am, this is a great spot to come and just hang out in nature together. You'll find yourselves feeling calm and stress free at Jack Pine Trail.

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