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14 Worthwhile Things To Do In Ottawa With Your Besties & Only One Of Them Is Brunch

Sounds like the capital of...friendship?

People skating on the Rideau Canal.

People skating on the Rideau Canal.

There are arguably two types of best friends.

First, the one you spend every single minute of your life with. You may work together, eat together, FaceTime every day, text your every waking thought to, you could even live together. Regardless, you're together 24/7.

Second, the one you go months without seeing. The ones you have to send out a bi-monthly text to, just to make sure they're still alive. You need an up-to-date list of ongoing talking points to catch them up at your next reunion. But when you're together, it feels like no time has passed at all.

But no matter what kind of friend you are (or friends you have) why not celebrate that friendship with a little date in one of Canada's coziest cities?

If you're short on ideas, here are 14 things to do in Ottawa with your bestie this winter:

1. Take a cooking class at The Urban Element

The Urban Element has an array of different cooking classes to choose from.You can pick and choose between classes like Thai cooking classes, a hands-on workshop about baking, or many other kinds of cuisine. Take your friends out for a culinary adventure with skills you get to take home with you!

2. Spill the latest tea over a brunch board at NeXT

Like a charcuterie board,this 'brunch board' is filled with options that you and your friends will love. It comes with 15 different options, what better way to get the best of brunch's savoury and sweet options? And since you're used to sharing everything with your friends, this is a perfect option!

3. Try out a pole dancing class at Iron X Fitness

In the mood to try something new? Sign up for a pole dancing class! Ottawa's Iron X Fitness studio has classes for all levels, including beginners! This empowering workout will make for a great experience with your fav people, talent or no talent, and besides, the Hustler-esque vibes are unmatched.

4. Go on a date at the NAC

Who says you can't go on a date with your friends?There is always something happening at the National Arts Centre, and what better reason to get dressed up than a visit to an art gallery?

5. Shop for vintage items at the Stittsville Flea Market

Looking to brighten up your home? Take your best buddy shopping for unique and vintage pieces at the Stittsville Flea Market. It has everything you could want but also stuff you didn't know you needed, so make it a date by bringing a friend along to help you carry all your newfound treasures.

6. Share your feelings over chocolate fondue at Cacao 70

Even if you don't have a reason to indulge in melted chocolate, do you really need a reason to enjoy melted chocolate? Well, there is likely no cuter date than one at Cacao 70. It comes with fruit, so just tell your friend you guys need to get your daily serving of fruit at this sweet café.

7. Play board games with bubble tea at Hangout

Hangout is the perfect spot to well... hang out. Tired of talking? At Hangout, you can play board games while eating treats and sipping on bubble tea. It might make for a nice change of pace, especially for friends who are always together in need of some new things to trash talk.

8. Wander around the Glebe

The Glebe is one of Ottawa's most picturesque spots to hang out for a day, and they have adorable murals that will make for cool Insta pics and TikTok backgrounds for that inevitable friendship post. This time of year? Take in the Winter Market or admire the twinkly lights and decorations, but bringing someone to enjoy it with makes it all the better.

9. Learn how to make pottery together at LOAM Clay Studio

Here's another artsy outlet for you and your friend's creative sides. LOAM Clay Studio offers an opportunity for newbie artists to try their hand at the potter's wheel. It's so much fun to try and can be an experience you look back on fondly, with a memento to bring home!

10. Treat yourselves to a unique mani-pedi at Nail Bar Ottawa

Nail Bar Ottawa offers a wide array of services for you and your bestie to enjoy. From Biogel, shellac, express or regular manicures/pedicures and nail art, there's no shortage of nail pampering here. Make a day out of it in Little Italy and stop by Nail Bar to get that mani everyone will be asking you about. If you're looking to get fancy, you can also relax with a pedicure.

11. Visit the adorable animals at the Ottawa Humane Society

There is no bond like the one you and your best friend have, except maybe the one you can find with kittens and puppies. If you're ever feeling upset, try visiting the Ottawa Humane Society. They have rooms where you can play with cats for as long as you want. Are you and your friend feeling down? Some cuddles with these cuties may be just the thing to turn both of your days around!

12. Learn ballroom, salsa and latin dancing at Dance With Us Ottawa

Leave your judgement at the door and let loose together at Dance With Us Ottawa. New attendees can drop in at any time, and it's only $18! Good or bad dancing with friends is a great way to spend time together, so take a class to learn some new moves together too.

13. Become bird whisperers at Jack Pine Trail

Looking for a change of scenery? If you're not absolutely terrified of birds, this is a great spot to come and just be in nature. Here, you can find calm, take in the fresh air, reconnect with close friends, or even make some new winged friends at Jack Pine Trail.

14. And finally, go skating on the Rideau Canal

People skating on the Rideau Canal.

People skating on the Rideau Canal.

Claire Smith | Dreamstime

The Rideau Canal skate may only be a seasonal friendship experience, but this is a date that will still warm your heart. Whether you and your bestie are avid skaters or total rookies, this is a bucket list Ottawa activity. Best enjoyed with cozy fits, hot chocolate and lots of moral support.

This article has been updated since it was originally published on October 26, 2016.

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