6 Ottawa Jobs Hiring RN That Pay Over 100k If You’re Dreaming Of A Six-Figure Salary

It's time to fix up that resume! 🤑

6 Ottawa Jobs Hiring RN That Pay Over 100k If You’re Dreaming Of A Six-Figure Salary

Do you wish you had more spending money? Here are six Ottawa jobs hiring right now that pay over $100,000 if you are dreaming of a six-figure salary.

If you are tired of your current job that barely pays you enough to cover your rent and groceries, it is time to dust off your resume.

Account Representative

Salary: $250,000

Company: Best Version Media

Who Should Apply: Instead of working in a cubicle, you could earn an excellent salary working remotely. To apply, you'll need to be highly self-motivated and have at least one year of experience in sales.

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Sales Consultant

Salary: $300,000

Company: AutoCanada Inc.

Who Should Apply: You should apply if you are interested in helping customers purchase the perfect new or pre-owned vehicle and have a valid driver's license.

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Program Manager

Salary: $100,424 - $127,009

Company: City Of Ottawa

Who Should Apply: You should apply if you have a degree in health and have at least two years of management experience.

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Smart Home Advisor

Salary: $150,000

Company: Reliance Home Comfort

Who Should Apply: You could earn a fantastic salary selling smart home products if you don't mind working a flexible schedule and have excellent time management skills.

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Senior Auditor

Salary: $105,785 - $123,393

Company: National Research Council Office

Who Should Apply: You could score a high-paying job if you are bilingual and have experience conducting audit projects and research.

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National Manager

Salary: $113,441 - $132,836

Company: Fisheries And Oceans Canada

Who Should Apply: If you have experience managing budgets and have a science degree, you could be a good fit for this career.

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