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7 Ottawa Jobs That Are Hiring Right Now & Will Pay You Over $70,000 A Year

Little experience, big bucks! 🤑
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7 Jobs In Ottawa That Are Hiring Right Now & Will Pay You Over $70,000 A Year

Searching for a new job can be difficult, especially if you’ve always dreamed of earning the big bucks. That said, difficult doesn’t mean impossible, and there are several jobs in Ottawa right now that are offering seriously impressive salaries. Even better, some require minimal or no experience!

Whether you’re a student beginning your career path, or a seasoned worker with years of experience under your belt, landing a brand new job can be pretty intimidating.

While you might assume only those with many years of experience have the opportunity to make serious cash, there’s actually plenty of positions in Canada that require little or no experience at all.

In some cases, a specific qualification or degree may be necessary, but you might be surprised how transferable your current education is.

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If you’ve got the flexibility to move around the country, you could even earn triple figures in cities like Toronto or Vancouver.

If location means more to you than money, Parks Canada jobs offer some of the best outdoor offices in the world. 

For Ottawans looking to stay-put, these seven roles hiring right now offer impressive salaries and competitive benefits, and you won’t even have to leave O-Town. 

Time to update that resume, eh?!

Retail Store Manager

Salary: $34.50 per hour

Company: Connectit

Why You Should Apply: This is a seriously impressive opportunity for somebody with little experience and no qualifications, but a drive to work hard and earn big. This company is promising to fully train their new recruit, and welcomes applications from people with no specific experience or education. With an annual salary of over $71,000, it's a well-paid role, too.

Apply Here

Registered Nurse

Salary: $66,560 to $83,200 per year

Company: Ottawa Home Care (Nursing Agency)

Why You Should Apply: If you’re a registered nurse without a whole lot of experience, this role could be for you. There’s five positions up for grabs right now, and this company will pay dental benefits, medical benefits, bonuses, mileage and more. With an annual salary of up to $83,200, it sounds like a pretty good gig.

Apply Here

Automotive Service Manager

Salary: $70,000 to $90,000 per year

Company: Hunt Club Volkswagen

Why You Should Apply: If you know all about vehicles, this Ottawa-based job is prepared to pay you the big bucks. You’ll need at least two years of experience in a similar role, though no specific education is required to apply. With a salary of up to $90,000 per year, there’s mega cash to be made here.

Apply Here

Technical Crime Analyst

Salary: $70,439 to $86,213 per year

Company: Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Technical Operations)

Why You Should Apply: If you’re bilingual and have an interest in computer science, this one’s for you. There’s two RCMP positions available, and they’re looking for people with a relevant degree and several years of experience. While this won't be suitable for everyone, it pays really well.

Apply Here

Personal Trainer

Salary: $35 to $100 per hour

Company: Fitness on the Go

Why You Should Apply: Alongside a hefty salary, this company is offering bonus pay and commission pay, as well as a flexible schedule. You’ll need CPR training and official certification, but experience in the field is preferred rather than necessary.

Apply Here

Carpenter's Helper

Salary: $35 per hour

Company: Mainstream

Why You Should Apply: This company is looking for an apprentice to work alongside an experienced carpenter. The role is paying $35 per hour, with bonus pay available. The job listing says a company car is up for grabs, too. Experience in construction and carpentry is listed as a preference, but doesn’t appear to be mandatory.

Apply Here

Marketing Specialist

Salary: $35.00 per hour

Company: Inova Dental Inc.

Why You Should Apply: If you have experience in the marketing world, plus a relevant bachelor's degree, there’s an opportunity here to make plenty of money. This company wants somebody to organize advertising and marketing campaigns for them, and they’ll pay you a whopping $35 per hour to do it.

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