If you’re looking for gorgeous Ottawa parks that offer the best views of the sun going down, then we know the perfect place. At Andrew Haydon Park, you can watch as breathtaking cotton candy-coloured skies bounce every shade of pink off the water. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a beautiful reddish waterfall hidden within the park as well.

Located along the Ottawa River, this little capital gem has some of the most charming sights in the city.

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An artificial lake creates mini islands throughout the park that are connected with the cutest footbridges for you to explore.

Off in the distance you’ll see a rustic windmill, and if you search for it, you’ll also find a small but beautiful set of waterfalls.

The manmade falls are a rusty red colour that makes them truly a sight to soak in.

The park is located close to the Nepean Sailing Club, meaning you’ll often spot sailboats passing through.

How cute is that?

With all that and more to see here, it’s still the sunsets that are the biggest draw.

From perfect pinks to purples and blues and shades of gold, the skies here are known to be a colourful delight when the sun goes down.

So grab your picnic blankets and your BFF and get ready for one of the most scenic nature dates you’ve ever been on in Ottawa.

When the water isn’t too high, park visitors can take a stroll along the rocky shoreline which is another excellent spot for sunset-watching. 

As far as places to explore in Ottawa go, this little gem isn’t your average walk in the park. 

However, if you’re looking for something a little more challenging, then you can hike to these abandoned ruins with a waterfall flowing through them just outside of the capital as well.

Andrew Haydon Park

Price: Free

Address: 3169 Carling Ave., Nepean, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can lounge in a sunset-drenched park while you admire the rust-red waterfalls at this Ottawa gem.

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