Changes are coming to Parliament Hill. Bill Morneau resigned as Canada's Finance Minister amid the WE Charity controversy and Andrew Scheer claimed that this is all "proof of a government in chaos." He also said that the root of the problem is the Prime Minister.

After it was announced that Finance Minister Bill Morneau had stepped down from his government role, the out-going leader of the Conservative Party took to Twitter to talk about it.

"Bill Morneau's 'resignation' is further proof of a government in chaos," Scheer said.

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He also claimed that the government "is so consumed by scandal that Trudeau has amputated his right hand to try and save himself."

According to Scheer, nobody is buying what he called "bogus excuses" that this was because of disgreements about policy.

An anonymous government official gave that reason to the National Post.

Though Morneau said there was no bad blood between him and Justin Trudeau and the Prime Minister himself didn't mention policy at all.

Scheer continued on the offensive and listed things he believes Morneau and Trudeau have done to hurt Canadians like the carbon tax.

"Scapegoating Morneau does not solve the problem. As long as Trudeau is Prime Minister, the corruption will continue," he said.

Trudeau also tweeted about Morneau's resignation.

"Bill has worked tirelessly to support all Canadians and create an economy that benefits everyone," he said.

He even credited Morneau's work during the pandemic as what will help Canada have a strong economic recovery.

Trudeau also thanked him for what he's done during his time as an MP and as Finance Minister.

"I have counted on his leadership, advice, and close friendship over the years and I look forward to that continuing," he said.

Like Scheer, Morneau's resignation is not enough for the Bloc Québécois leader.

Yves-François Blanchet had said a week earlier that he would seek an election in the fall if Trudeau, his chief of staff and Morneau didn't resign from their positions.

Trudeau and Morneau are under investigation for their personal connections with WE Charity, an organization that was asked to help deliver the Canada Student Service Grant.

That grant is no longer happening because of the controversy.