Canada Goose Is Coming To Ottawa This Summer & The Store Will Have A 'Cold Room'

You can test out the gear in below-freezing temperatures!
Canada Goose Is Coming To Ottawa This Summer & The Store Will Have A 'Cold Room'

It's never too early to get ready for winter! Canada Goose announced they'll be opening their official store in downtown Ottawa, and it's got a pretty central location. The brand new store will also come with a "Cold Room," so you can test all the gear for real.

Although we're still basking in the sun right now, it looks like Ottawa will be able to get a head-start when it comes to winter gear.

In a press release shared with Narcity, Canada Goose announced their new debut at the Rideau Centre in Ottawa. It will be the company's first store in the capital city.

Although there's no specific date set in place for the new store opening, the launch is planned for some point this summer.

The store will be stocked up with all the rain and snow gear you could ever need, and you'll be able to put it to the test in the coldest room.

Literally called the "Cold Room," you can test out their parkas in -25 C conditions. 

According to Canada Goose, this is so customers can test their products in the environments that they were meant for.

Narcity has reached out for more information as to how Canada Goose will implement safety measures in their new Ottawa store.

The Rideau Centre, which is located in the heart of the city, officially reopened on June 12.

Back in March, Canada Goose announced they would be reopening factories in Toronto and Winnipeg, in order to produce PPE for Canadians.

The company made 60,000 medical gowns a week at full capacity, while also helping 900 employees back to work across Canada.

Canada Goose is also making new efforts when it comes to being eco-friendly, announcing recently that they would be using "reclaimed fur" in their collections by 2022.

As for Ottawa's new location, this will be Canada Goose’s ninth store in Canada.

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