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YouTuber Makes Hilarious Parody Of Doug Ford Trying To Speak 21 Languages (VIDEO)

YouTube comedian Brittlestar has come for Ontario's politicians once again, but this time, Doug Ford is his target.

The Canadian YouTuber took aim at the premier for his new video in which he tells the residents of Ontario to stay home in English, followed by 21 other languages. 

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Brittlestar impersonates Ford in the video, but instead of "stay home," he spouts nonsensical phrases in all the different languages, like "bestselling chipmunk" in Norwegian and "the rash is almost gone" in Portuguese.

This isn't the first time Brittlestar has teased a member of Ontario's government recently, either.

Last month, he poked fun at former Finance Minister Rod Phillips for his vacation to St. Barts

"We all have to do St. Barts — I mean, our part," the YouTuber joked, as he stood in front of a backdrop of a living room wearing sunglasses and a Lei around his neck.

He's even imitated the Prime Minister, who admitted that it was a "close enough" impersonation.

Hopefully, we get to find out how Ford feels about Brittlestar's take on his linguistic abilities. 

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