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A Bizarre Painting Of A 'Nude Doug Ford' Is Selling For Nearly $6,500 & The Artist Shares Why

No one has yet to buy his "masterwork."

Toronto Associate Editor
A Bizarre Painting Of A 'Nude Doug Ford' Is Selling For Nearly $6,500 & The Artist Shares Why

It's likely nobody would have ever thought this sentence would exist, but there's now a nude painting of Premier Doug Ford, and you can buy it off Kijiji if you want to. Narcity spoke to Tim Mikula, the artist behind the portrait, to ask him all about it.

"Before I moved here, I had a fairly lucrative and exciting second life doing portraits of [Premier] Jason Kenney, and [Alberta's former health minister Tyler] Shandro, and all of the other ghouls at the UCP," Mikula shared, adding that he moved from Edmonton to Ontario during the pandemic. "I like painting nudes of politicians because I think it's fun, and I also like to create something tangible that will, ideally, outlive them."

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"Act now and own a piece of history! Six square feet of Doug Ford, the creamy instant-mashed-potatoes golem schlepping through a hands-off governance defined by buck-a-beer, zero accountability mass death events, and big juicy highways," the Kijiji ad of the portrait started off in all-caps lettering.

"I'm gonna be honest, I just moved here from Alberta and I guess I had just assumed Ontario's Premier was Drake or the ghost of Gord Downie or something," the post continued, before continuing to poke fun at Ford and his administration.

Mikula explained to Narcity that he was trying to give a "frank and honest description" of his "ostensibly vile work of art" that he's created, which is still at his house waiting to be bought.

Anyone interested in buying the painting can do so for just under $6,500, which is a price point Mikula has based on "the average sq/ft value of a condo in Toronto."

While there have been some offers for what the artist calls his "gorgeous expressionist masterwork" of the premier, it is still on the market.

"I've gotten some tire kickers and low ballers that are offering me less money," Mikula said, adding that it's hard to part with a painting for less than asking, especially when he's living in "one of the most expensive housing markets" in the country.

"I have yet to have anyone reach out to me and disagree with the general stance or tone of the painting," Mikula mentioned. "It's all been kind words of support and shared experiences."

Mikula's painting was shared to Reddit's r/Ontario board, where it has been upvoted nearly 250 times.

"Finally an ad that deserves to be in ALL-CAPS," one Redditor commented. Others also called the painting "impressive" and some said they actually want to buy it.

When asked who he would paint next, Mikula wouldn't share who in order to keep an air of mystery, but said people can absolutely expect more paintings to come.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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