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Canada's Governor General Is Requesting A Review After Employees Claimed She's Toxic

She's accused of workplace harassment.
Canada's Governor General Is Requesting A Review After Employees Claimed She's Toxic

Canada's Governor General is in hot water. A statement from the Privy Council announced that Julie Payette's review is underway amid allegations of workplace harassment stating that she's a toxic boss. She says she requested the review herself. 

This comes after CBC News revealed that multiple current and former staff members had anonymously gone on record with allegations of bullying and harassment from the GG.

They called it a toxic climate with yelling, verbal abuse, and lots of tears. 

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Now, the Privy Council, which is a government body, says the "thorough, independent, and impartial review" is being conducted with the support of the office. 

Julie Payette even tweeted a statement saying she requested the review of herself.

"I take workplace harassment issues very seriously. I am committed to ensuring that every employee who works at Rideau Hall enjoys a secure and healthy work environment at all times and under all circumstances," she wrote. "I have requested the conduct of an independent review."

The council echoed that sentiment saying "Harassment has no place in any professional workplace. It is a public service priority to advance efforts to more effectively prevent and resolve issues of harassment." 

They won't be the only ones involved in this review though.

According to a statement from the council, they are immediately working to enlist an "independent third party" to look into these claims. 

As for the accusations themselves, CBC reports that one source told them Rideau Hall "has gone from being one of the most collegial and enjoyable work environments for many of the staff to being a house of horrors." 

Another said that Payette "screams and humiliates staff in front of others. It's verbal abuse. In no world is it OK to treat people that way." 

In a statement to the CBC, the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General denied those allegations saying "we deeply regret this reporting, which is in stark contrast to the reality of working at the OSGG."

Julie Payette has served Canada in this position since 2017. She lives and works out of Rideau Hall in Ottawa. 

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