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Trudeau Cut Off A Reporter Mid-Question In A Rare Candid Exchange

The PM's facial expressions are meme worthy.
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Well, this was a little awkward. Justin Trudeau's press conference included a candid exchange between him and a reporter. The Prime Minister actually cut him off before he could even ask a question.

After addressing Canadians during his press conference on June 9, the Prime Minister was then asked questions by reporters.

On the topic of budgets, CTV National News reporter Glen McGregor started to talk about the deficit projection and the servicing cost of federal debt for future governments.

Before he could actually ask a question though, Trudeau cut him off.

Usually, the PM looks straight ahead at the camera even if he's getting a question from somebody who's outside Rideau Cottage.

However, this time he turned to the reporter and said, "Sorry?"

The reporter then went on to explain that he was talking about the servicing cost of the debt the government is adding to now.

"Interest rates are at historic lows, Glen," Trudeau said.

Then they both spoke at the same time with the Prime Minister getting very animated with his facial expressions and his hand gestures.

They cut each other off a couple of times before the reporter finally got a full sentence in.

"It's still a lot of money," McGregor said.

Then they both started speaking at the same time again before Trudeau said sorry and let the reporter continue with his question.

The reporter asked how the debt was going to be paid for and the future costs associated with it.

"Right now we're in an absolutely unprecedented situation where our economy had to completely shut down," Trudeau said.

The Liberal leader noted that his government has been transparent about the measures that have been put into place to offer help to Canadians.

"As we move forward, because of historically low interest rates, the debt servicing costs will be low," he said.

Trudeau also faced questions from other reporters about the economy, money being spent by the government and fiscal updates.

"Right now, most or so many businesses and economic activity is simply suspended. It's not gone, it's not never coming back, it's not quietly going along slowly, it's just in suspension," he said.

He mentioned that it's like the economy is frozen or in a coma.

Trudeau also said he believes that knowing what will happen when the economy completely restarts is uncertain so fiscal update about the future would be unreliable.

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    Lisa Belmonte
    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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