Tucked away amidst sprawling grounds and towering trees, you can find a truly enchanting sight. Majestic ruins rise from the earth, making you feel as though you've wandered into a fairytale land. If you need some magic in your life, take a trip to the MacKenzie King Estate near Ottawa this season.

You can travel back through time at this regal place just outside of Ottawa. 

Located in Gatineau Park, the MacKenzie King Estate is brimming with history and fantastical vibes.

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The estate was once a summer home to William Lyon MacKenzie King, Canada's 10th and longest-serving prime minister.

King spent almost 50 years perfecting and expanding his beloved property and left it for all Canadians to enjoy after his death in 1950.

The 571-acre area boasts woodland trails, French and English-style gardens, cottages, and more.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the property is the historical ruins that King collected and reassembled throughout the grounds.

The ruins, named Abbey Ruins, consist of various pieces belonging to significant historical buildings.

You can find pieces of the Canadian Parliament Buildings which were destroyed by fire, war era British Parliament Buildings, and regal homes from around Ottawa.

You'll feel as though you've stepped into a Jane Austen novel as you roam through the imperial architecture.

Explore the gothic abbey and Greek temple, and snap some magical photos by the stone creations.

The museums, cottages, and Tea Room are currently closed, however, the Pat Cafe is open.

You can still wander through the gardens and trails, and enjoy the impressive ruins.

Entry to the estate is free, and there is free parking being offered for 2020. The grounds are open year-round, while the cottages are typically only open during the summer.

It's also worth checking out Champlain Lookout while in Gatineau Park.

This spot offers vast views of the world below and is especially beautiful in the fall.

Get swept back in time by visiting this historical estate.

MacKenzie King Estate

Price: Free

Address: MacKenzie King Rd., Chelsea, QC

Why You Need To Go: Explore the estate which once belonged to Canada's longest-serving Prime Minister.

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