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Ontario's Fairytale Home For Sale Is Straight Out Of A Jane Austen Book

Ontario has some unique gems when it comes to homes, and this breathtaking spot is one of them. You'll be transported into the pages of a storybook as soon as you see this whimsical house. With stunning white rooms and quaint accents, the building is a Jane Austen abode brought to life. Ontario's fairytale house for sale is also surprisingly affordable.

If you're looking for somewhere truly magical to spend your days, this house is for you.

Located in picturesque Prince Edward County, this 1848 home has tons of original attributes that are still left intact.

Priced at $599,900, the building is featured in The Settler's Dream, a history of some of the county's oldest buildings.

With six bedrooms, two kitchens, and two bathrooms, this spacious cottage-style home is brimming with rustic-chic charm.

The entire exterior and interior are bathed in white, and the porch features a pop of colour with the light pink lanterns flanking the door.

From the intricate designs on the ceiling to the decorative fixtures on the walls, there is beauty at every turn.

With a majestic white fireplace, tons of windows, and double doors, you'll feel like you wandered into a Jane Austen novel.

The decor is reminiscent of a historic Parisian home.

Alexandra Grant | Re/Max

Alexandra Grant | Re/Max

Long curtains, antique dressers, and white furniture add to the charm of the abode.

As the home is heritage protected, it cannot be torn down. 

You can have a less permanent stay at this tiny Victorian cottage Airbnb in the woods.

With dreamy white decor and a little island oasis nearby, this spot is nothing short of enchanting.

Alexandra Grant | Re/Max

Alexandra Grant | Re/Max

You can also head out to some of these magical places around Ontario that will have you feeling like a Disney princess.

Hop in your horse-drawn carriage and move into Prince Edward County's stunning fairytale abode.

Alexandra Grant | Re/Max

Alexandra Grant | Re/Max

Jane Austen Home

Price: $599,900

Address: 260 Main St., Prince Edward County, ON

Description: This enchanting home will whisk you into a storybook with its stunning features and decor.

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