Good news for any adult living in one of Ontario's hot spots — you can book a vaccination appointment starting at 8 a.m. on Monday morning.

As of May 3, Ontarians aged 18 or older who live in one of the 114 designated hot spot regions can book a vaccination appointment at a mass immunization clinic either by using the provincial booking system or by using their own region's system.

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Ontario also made an announcement earlier this week that it expects all adults in the province to be able to book a vaccination appointment before the end of May.

"With additional supply our government is increasing access to the COVID-19 vaccines in the communities hardest hit by COVID-19," said Christine Elliott, Ontario's deputy premier and minister of health, in Sunday's statement.

Previously, adults in hot spot communities could only book a vaccination appointment at a mass immunization clinic if they were 45 years old or older.

"The calculus is life and death right now."

Ontarians in hot spot communities are getting more vaccines over the next two weeks thanks to a provincial commitment to sending 50% of its vaccine doses to neighbourhoods in need — where positivity rates are skyrocketing.

Previously, most Ontarians aged 18 to 45 who lived in a hot spot could only get vaccinated at pop-up clinics which were often only announced hours before they opened.

Some of the pop-up sites also had massive lines to contend with.

Dr. Andrew Boozary, the Executive Director of Social Medicine at Toronto's University Health Network, told Narcity that the province needed to get more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to "where the fires are."

"Where we have life-saving measures now and multiple vaccines, we have to ensure that they're out in communities and accessible to communities, because we know that the calculus is life and death right now," he said.