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Ontario Reported Over 4,000 New Cases Today & Ford Says Pfizer Vaccines Are Running Out

He warns that all our progress might soon be lost.
Ontario's New COVID-19 Cases Are Over 4,000 & Ford Says Vaccines Will Run Out Next Week

The premier stressed the severity of the province's situation as Ontario's new COVID-19 cases surged to 4,249 on Friday.

Ford warned on Friday morning that Ontario's vaccine supply is quickly running out and called on the federal government for help.

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All of Ontario will be out of Pfizer vaccines by the end of next week. Premier Doug Ford

"My friends, we're all hopeful the federal government will get us more vaccines," he said.

"Without them, hospitals will have to start canceling appointments and all the progress we've made [...] will be lost," he warned.

On Friday, the president of the University Health Network said that they're in urgent need of vaccines with 9,000 inoculation appointments booked over the next three days.

Friday's new COVID-19 cases are a record high for the province, although 450 of the cases could be attributed to a data upload delay, said Health Minister Christine Elliott.

"This is so, so serious," said Ford. "As a matter of fact, this is the most serious situation we’ve ever been in ever since the beginning of this pandemic."

"They're actually scary numbers," he said of the province's recent modelling data. "This is crunch time right now."

As of 8 p.m. on Thursday, Minister Elliott says 87,560 vaccine doses have been administered in the province.

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