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It's Up To You To Save Santa Claus In Ottawa's New Christmas Escape Room

Can you sleigh the puzzles? 🎅

It is up to you to save Christmas. In this Ottawa escape room, you need to race to save Santa, who has gone missing.

Room Escape Ottawa, told Narcity their new room Santa Clues, would run for the next two to three months.

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Together with your bubble of two to eight people, you have one hour to save Mr. Claus.

Your team of elves will need to work together to track down Santa using the GPS on his sleigh.

But the clock is ticking, as it is December 24 and the presents still haven't been delivered to everyone around the world.

Inside the festive setting, you'll need to solve a series of puzzles, unlock presents, and search for clues to win the game.

It is rated two out of five in terms of difficulty, so it is perfect for novice players.

If you are craving some holiday magic, you can book online and tickets are $25.66 per person.

Santa Clues

Price: $25.66 per person

Address: 1860 Bank St., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: It would make a fantastic date night with your special someone.