Ottawa Police Were Called To A Bush Party & Teens Were Reportedly Yelling 'Fight Club'

One resident said their lawn has been used as a "personal toilet."

Healey's Heath Park.
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Healey's Heath Park.

Ottawa police responded to a large group of teens who were reportedly chanting "fight club" during a bush party late on Canada Day.

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) told Narcity that it received a call about a "large group of youths who had gathered" in a forested area at Healey's Heath Park in Stittsville at around 11 p.m. on July 1.

Around half an hour later, police said the teens ran off when frontline patrol officers arrived at the park, which was closed to the public at the time.

According to reports from neighbours on social media, teens were heard screaming in the park when a group ran onto the street and were chased down by a vehicle. Neighbours, who estimated that roughly 100 teens were in the park, said they heard them yelling "fight club" and "fight, fight, fight." Girls were reportedly heard yelling "stop."

"Officers remained on scene to ensure that all youths left the area without incident," said the OPS in an emailed statement.
None of the people who were at the park were ticketed nor arrested, and police confirmed that no criminal offences were reported.

However, at least one resident who lives by the park said their garage door was kicked in. Another neighbour said their lawn has been used as a "personal toilet" on other occasions. The Stittsville area residents say the bush parties are becoming a common event in their neighbourhood, with more and more damage being left behind.

The next day, neighbours said that the park was littered with "cans/bottles, puke in the streets, and broken glass." Ottawa police said officers returned to the park on July 2 at around 10 p.m., to see if there was another party and reportedly found none.

For folks who live in Ottawa, the OPS recommends calling the City of Ottawa at 311 regarding after-hours park gatherings. However, if a crime is actively in progress, OPS recommends calling the police.

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Sarah Crookall
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