12 Gross Photos That Show How Bad Toronto’s Trash Problem Is Right Now

One city councillor called it "infuriating," "selfish," and "disappointing." 🚮

Photo of Trinity Bellwoods Park
Toronto Associate Editor

With few places to go besides parks and beaches, Torontonians have been flocking to public outdoor spaces to enjoy the warm weather, leaving used solo cups and picnic trash in their wake.

Photos are surfacing of Trinity Bellwoods Park covered in litter after this past weekend, even though 20 more garbage bins have recently been placed in the park, the City told Narcity.

Despite there being 10,000 garbage bins in Toronto's parks and cleanup crews at the start of every week in busy areas, the City told Narcity that litter costs Toronto more than $27.5 million a year.

Solo cups were left inside the social distancing circles at Trinity Bellwoods this past Sunday, and plastic bags tumbled in the wind.

This was the scene after a busy weekend on May 16 in the park. "It's a sad commentary on the culture of this is how people view and treat public space," reads the caption.

Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park also shared images from that same weekend. Despite the City of Toronto's maximum fine of $500 for littering, it seems that it wasn't enough to keep the park clean.

One person even drew a cartoon depicting the park's front gates adorned with red solo cups.

Littering has also been an issue at Woodbine Beach as of late, particularly this past Victoria Day long weekend.

Beaches-East York Councillor Brad Bradford called the littering on the beaches shorelines "infuriating," "selfish," and "disappointing" in a Twitter statement. "Be a grown-up and pick up after yourselves. It isn't too much to ask," he wrote.
Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor