Toronto Beaches Were Slammed Over The Weekend & Trash Was Left Everywhere (VIDEO)

Cherry and Woodbine Beach were full of people.
Toronto Beach Crowds Were Spotted This Weekend & Trash Was Left Everywhere (PHOTOS)

The first summer weekend in Ontario was a busy one. Hundreds could be seen flocking to multiple beaches across the city in an attempt to cool down from the hot summer heat. The Toronto beach crowds also left behind heaps of trash by the end of their outing. 

Photos of large crowds at Cherry and Woodbine Beach began popping up on social media on Saturday, June 20.

The images, which highlighted hundreds of people partying on the sand appeared to show that very little social distancing was being put in place. 

However, party-goers not following distancing rules wasn't the only problem this weekend. 

Residents of Cherry Beach were quick to share photos of the aftermath of the party that took place, where it appears that piles of trash were left behind. 

"Just walked through Cherry Beach. Disgraceful mess with Garbage. A huge party still going on from last night with a DJ. Deafening noise. Something needs to be done about the garbage on our beach," wrote one Twitter user. 

The beach crowds reportedly reached their peak on Saturday, but by Sunday, things had died down.

According to The Toronto Sun, bylaw enforcement efforts to crack down on busy parks and beaches heightened after the party on Saturday. 

"Residents are reminded that the consumption of alcohol is not permitted in parks, beaches, or public spaces. Tickets can be issued for those who consume or have open alcohol in a public space; these fines are $300 and will be a part of today's enforcement in parks," city spokesperson Jasmine Patrick told The Sun.

"Enforcement officers in parks will now also be providing education about liquor laws and, when necessary, issuing tickets related to the consumption of alcohol," she added.

This isn't the first time that mass crowds have gathered during Ontario's state of emergency

Last month, Trinity Bellwoods Park was jammed packed with party-goers who were attempting to enjoy the nice weather. 

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