Ottawa's Golden Palace Is Finally Reopening For Dine-In After Over 2 Years Of Takeout Only

It's time for some eggrolls.

Open end egg rolls from Golden Palace. Right: Upgraded interior of Golden Palace restaurant.
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Open end egg rolls from Golden Palace. Right: Upgraded interior of Golden Palace restaurant.

Golden Palace is finally reopening again for indoor dining after more than two years of being takeout only due to the ongoing pandemic.

If you haven't heard of this Chinese restaurant in Ottawa, then you must be new here. This local eatery is known around the city for its tasty burnt-end eggrolls, and now you can enjoy them in the restaurant again.

"After more than two years since the pandemic, Team GP decided to reopen its dine-in service after weighing carefully many considerations including our community’s Covid numbers, vaccination rates, as well as staff and customers’ input," they shared with Narcity via Instagram.

On June 10, Golden Palace announced in a Facebook post that they were returning to offering dining-in services as of June 13, 2022.

"We recently started to prepare for the eventual reopening of our dining room by giving it a refresh with newly painted walls, new tables, and a thorough cleaning/sanitizing of everything before welcoming guests back to our dine-in service," the restaurant said.

While they don't have any new items on the menu, you can now eat any of their dishes that you couldn't order before with takeout.

They also told us that they're bringing back a fan favourite: the almond cookies. If you've asked about this dessert for the last couple of years, it's time to celebrate its return.

And, those egg rolls that they are known for? Well, they shared with Narcity that they are planning "to resume our famous anniversary half-price egg roll sale this summer." Yum!

The restaurant usually celebrates special events like anniversaries with half-priced egg rolls that can lead to some long lines down the street. Once a date for this is officially announced, you might just want to head straight to Carling Avenue for their infamous eggrolls.

Golden Palace

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Chinese

Address: 2195 Carling Ave., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: After over two years of having dine-in closed, you can eat your eggrolls hot, surrounded by the restaurant's ambiance and upgrades, as of June 13.


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