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Poll Shows Justin Trudeau Wouldn't Get The Most Votes If Canada's Federal Election Was Held Today

The Canadian federal election is quickly approaching and a new report shows that if people were to head to the polls today, Justin Trudeau wouldn't get the most votes.

A new Leger survey conducted between August 27 and August 30 showed that 34% of decided voters would vote for the Conservatives if they cast their ballots today.

If Canada\u2019s Federal Election Was Held Today Justin Trudeau Wouldn\u2019t Be Prime Minister Leger

Thirty percent of decided voters said they would vote for the Liberals, and 24% said they would vote for the NDP.

When asked which leader would be the best prime minister, 23% of respondents answered Justin Trudeau and 23% answered Jagmeet Singh, followed by 21% of respondents choosing Erin O'Toole, according to the survey.

Thirty-nine percent of survey respondents said they think the Liberal Party will win the upcoming election.

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Justin Trudeau won last night's 2021 federal election with a minority government, and here's everything that's happened in Toronto in the last 24 hours.

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Canada's Election Results Are In & Here's How The Party Leaders Responded

"Canadians did not give Mr. Trudeau the majority mandate he wanted," Erin O'Toole said.

Polls have closed, Canada's election results have come in and federal party leaders have responded to the outcome of the vote.

As of 12 p.m. ET on September 21, the Liberals are elected or leading in 158 ridings, the Conservatives in 119, the Bloc Québécois in 34, the NDP in 25, the Green in 2 and the People's Party in zero.

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After 36 days of campaign promises and zingers, the Canadian federal election results are in and the country is back where it started — with a predicted Liberal minority government.

Still, while the election was disappointing for many politicians, the true winner of the night was the internet. The election memes were startlingly on point, as residents roasted everything from the results and cost of the election to PPC Candidate Brock Crocker.

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PPC candidate for Edmonton-Centre Brock Crocker captured the attention of the internet during Canada's federal election results on Monday night, thanks to his particularly distinctive name.

As the votes were being counted in the riding on September 20, Canadians flocked to social media to discuss the People's Party representative.

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