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It Sounds Like Rod Phillips Is Literally On The Beach In This Zoom Meeting (VIDEO)

Ontario NDP posted a clip of a meeting he attended on December 16.

Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips remains under scrutiny after word got out about his Caribbean vacation amid stay-at-home orders. 

The Ontario NDP has started a petition to have Phillips removed from his position, but they haven't stopped there.

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In a tweet, the NDP shared a clip of Phillips attending a virtual meeting earlier this month with an image of Queens Park as his background.

If you listen closely, it sounds like you can hear the waves rolling in as he speaks.

While at first Premier Doug Ford claimed he had no previous knowledge of Phillips' plan to take a trip, it was recently discovered that Ford was aware of the vacation.

In fact, Ford and Phillips had actually spoken while Phillips was in the Caribbean.

"My mistake," Ford said. "At that time, I should have said, 'Get your backside back into Ontario,' and I didn't do that." 

Phillips touched down at Toronto's Pearson Airport on Thursday morning.

"Obviously I made a significant error in judgment...I hope to regain the confidence of the people of Ontario," he said to Newstalk1010.