This 10-km Hike Near Ottawa Leads To A Hidden Marble Cave That's Thousands Of Years Old

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This 10-km Hike Near Ottawa Leads To A Hidden Marble Cave (PHOTOS)
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Calling all explorers! If your Ottawa summer bucket list doesn’t have caving on it just yet, you should update it ASAP. This 10-km hike near Ottawa leads to spectacular marble caves, but you’ll have to bring your headlamp. While caving experience isn’t required, you’ll need a real sense of adventure for this trip!

If you’re tired of city walks and local nature trails, there’s an adventure waiting for you just 45 minutes outside of Ottawa.

Located in the Philippe Lake area of Quebec is Lusk Cave, a marble cave that is thousands of years old.

It was formed when a large glacier melted and trapped water under it, forcing cracks in the rocks. When the marble wore away, the magnificent cave tunnels were formed.

The underground adventure will take you through a series of tunnels, where you'll find crystal clear waters and incredible natural sights.

This dreamy spot can only be reached if you’re prepared to do a little bit of hiking. While you'll have to trek for approximately 10 kilometres, what you'll discover will be worth the walk.

It’s worth noting that the cave area is suitable for beginners as long as you’re adequately prepared.

To find the cave, you’ll need to head towards the Philippe Lake area of Quebec. The trail is about 5 kilometres from Parent Beach, which is where you can find parking facilities. 

Here, you’ll find an easy hike with interpretation panels to guide you. The hike is 10 kilometres in total and will take you about four hours to complete a round-trip.

According to the National Capital Commission (NCC), the water levels in the cave can vary and can sometimes be as high as a metre or even more. 

Cave explorers are advised to bring extra shoes, a flashlight and a safety helmet. “Sandals and rubber boots are not recommended footwear,” says the NCC website.

If you’re worried about critters lurking inside the tunnels, the NCC assures that there’s unlikely to be too much wildlife in the cave. That said, be on the lookout for insects, bats, frogs and fish, as well as the occasional beaver!

If you weren’t already convinced that this is a must-visit spot, the prime minister has even been spotted here with his family!

Lusk Cave

Price: Free

Address: Trail 54, Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham, Quebec

Why You Need To Go: Channel your inner explorer by visiting this marble cave that's thousands of years old. Don't forget to look out for the prime minister while you're en-route.

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