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Trudeau's Been Delivering COVID-19 Conferences For A Whole Year & So Much Has Happened

The first one took place in March 2020.
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Trudeau's COVID-19 Conferences Have Been Happening For A Whole Year & It's Been So Busy

If Justin Trudeau’s COVID-19 press conferences feel all too familiar by now, it’s because we’ve been watching them for over a year!

Back in March 2020, the prime minister delivered his first briefing related to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, he discussed avoiding non-essential international travel, practicing social distancing and self-isolating if you have symptoms.

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Since then, Trudeau has delivered countless conferences and statements related to the global pandemic. 

Some of the most memorable announcements include the introduction of COVID-19 support benefits, the Canada-U.S. border closure and information about vaccines, among other significant updates.

While the briefings are usually serious in tone, there have been plenty of lighthearted moments over the last year, too. This includes the PM’s hilarious speaking moistly moment, impromptu appearances from his kids, his iconic hair flip,uncontrollable hiccups and so many more.

    Helena Hanson
    Trending Editor
    Helena Hanson is a Senior Editor for Narcity Canada's Trending Desk focused on major news. She previously lived in Ottawa, but is now based in the U.K.
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