11 Incredible Things To Do In Ottawa If You're Single AF On Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day In Ottawa 11 Incredible Things To Do If You're Single AF

There is no reason to dread being solo on February 14. Here are 11 incredible things to do if you will be single on Valentine's Day in Ottawa.

Who says couples get to have all the fun? Regardless of your relationship status, we gathered not-to-miss activities and treats that are way better than getting a bouquet of red roses.

It is time to start planning and make it the best day ever.

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Unleash Your Inner Artist

Price: $15.00+

Why You Need To Try It: You have so much fun mixing colours to create a new masterpiece to hang on your wall. There are tons of easy step-by-step virtual classes available, some with an adorable romantic theme.

Treat Yourself To A Box Of Brownies

Price: $22.00

Why You Need To Try It: Toro Treats sells boxes with the best brownies you've ever tasted. When ordering, you'll be able to select four flavours like funfetti, bacon, s'more and peanut butter.

Start An Indoor Garden

Price: $30.00

Why You Need To Try It: You don't need to have a green thumb for these DIY kits that come with everything you need to make a terrarium, a moss frame, or grow mushrooms.

Sweeten Your Day With Desserts

Price: $12.00+

Why You Need To Try It: Graze With Honey sells individual-sized boxes of desserts perfect for enjoying while watching a movie on Netflix.

Destress With Some Relaxing Yoga

Price: $34.97 per month

Why You Need To Try It: You can get access to yoga and mediation classes perfect for helping you unwind.

Countryside Adventures

Price: $12.00

Address: 16495 Sixth Rd., Moose Creek, ON

Why You Need To Try It: Just a short drive outside of the city, you can glide along a 3-kilometre skating trail through a snow-covered forest.

Try Virtual Speed Dating

Price: $45.00

Why You Need To Try It: Are you tired of being single? You could try virtual speed dating and meet your next Valentine.

Hunt For Hearts Scavenger Hunt

Price: $25.00

When: Monday, February 1 to Sunday, February 28

Why You Need To Try It: You can try to gather the most points in this online and outdoor scavenger hunt.

Enjoy Afternoon Tea

Price: $67.09

When: Sunday, February 14

Why You Need To Try It: The Fairmont Chateau Laurier is selling their famous afternoon tea to go so you can enjoy the experience at home. It comes with an assortment of sandwiches, desserts and your choice of tea.

Decorate Some Cookies

Price: $20.00

Why You Need To Try It: It comes with everything you need to decorate six Valentine's Day cookies.

Have A Spa Day At Home

Price: Free

Why You Need To Try It: You can enjoy a relaxing at-home spa night by soaking in a bubble bath.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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