Doug Ford is not impressed with Ontario municipalities taking advantage of out-of-town visitors. 

In his Thursday briefing, Ford was asked to address the skyrocketing parking prices in Orillia and Barrie

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According to Barrie360, visitors now have to pay $10 an hour, or $50 a day to park by the waterfront, up from $3 an hour.

In Orillia, out-of-towners are paying similar prices at boat launches and lots, while residents get to park for free.

It's disgusting, in my opinion."

Premier Doug Ford

"You know what I can't stand? I can't stand when companies or governments take advantage of people in a crisis," said Ford.

"People could barely put food on their tables, barely pay their rent, barely pay their mortgage. People are holding on by their fingertips."

"People are going up there for lunch or dinner or to spend their money in local stores," he continued. "That's absolutely ridiculous."

Ford promises to speak with attorney general Doug Downie and Orillia's Jill Dunlop to take action.

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