Some Travellers Can Go To PEI Without Quarantining This June If They've Had A Vaccine Dose

PEI just unveiled its full reopening plan.

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PEI Reopening Plan Includes No Isolation For Some Vaccinated Travellers

The PEI reopening plan was unveiled on Thursday, May 27, and it includes good news for some Canadians on the east coast.

According to the plan, partially or fully vaccinated permanent residents of Atlantic Canada will be able to travel to PEI without self-isolating as of June 27.

May 27th, 11:30 AM, COVID

Travellers from other Atlantic provinces who aren't vaccinated will have to participate in a "shortened isolation," though details on how long that will be won't be coming until June.

"Individuals will be required to complete a self-declaration form," Dr. Heather Morrison, PEI's chief public health officer, said at a press conference. "People travelling within Atlantic Canada who are fully or partially vaccinated will be required to test, but will not need to self-isolate."

Morrison said the rules applied to people leaving PEI and coming back as well as visitors from elsewhere in Atlantic Canada.

Cormac O'Brien
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